Hydraulic CNC Press Brake Manufacturer from India.


Hydraulic CNC Press Brake

Designed for Speed & Repeat Accuracy

Purvaj engineers offers verv distinct lines of CNC Synchronized press brake to provide all bending and forming requirements. Combine this greater selection with our vast range of machine options.

A solution perfectly engineered to your applications. Purvaj CNC Synchronized press Brake are highly productive, accurate and economical through advanced design and construction. Purvaj offers quality CNC Synchronized hydraulic press brake easy to operate.


The CSHPB frame is built using only high quality mild steel. The welded construction provides the structural stability to ensure consistent performance with minimal deflection

Standard Features

High Resolution Linear Scale
Provide Precision dual ram feedback

Standard Backgauge
CNC servo position control on X axis and Z1 / Z2 are manual move on LM guide.
Servo CNC back gauge with Precision ball screw and linear guide way ensures maximum rigidity for high productivity speed and high accuracy.

Standard BackgaugeMulti � axis configuration (Optional)
X1, X2, Z1, Z2, R1, and R2

Advance Closed Loop Proportional Hydraulics System
Advance closed loop proportional hydraulic technology For superior, synchronized Y1 &Y2 precision and ultra low maintenance

Quick Release Clamp ( Standard )
A cost effective efficient solution for quick tool changes.

Auto Crowning System ( Optional )
Auto Crowning system for precise degree.

Manual Anti Deflection Sytem ( Optional )
A Low Cost Manual anti deflection system for perfect bending

Front Sheet Support
Heavy duty front sheet support mount on L M Guide for gauging and easier part handling

Laser Beam Safety ( Optional )
Protect human body part


Cybelec Controllers (More Powerful)

Some Of The Many Cybelec Features Include

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