Hydraulic NC Shearing Machine, NC Hydraulic Shears Manufacturer from India.


Hydraulic NC Shearing Machine

Superior Design for Shearing Accuracy

Ultra-Heavy Frame Structure

The "HSVR" models are designed with a fully welded boxed-in bed table structure. The special worktable structure designed from limit element optimization make the curving SK, which is formed during shearing, to be able to compensate the curving of upper beam under the acting of shearing force, assuring the blade gap to keep same along the full length of worktable, enhancing the shearing precision and quality.

Highest Shearing Rating Capabilities

All Purvaj's HSVR models are rated to shear structural quality steel.

Quality Shearing Blades

The Purvaj engineers uses the highest quality shear blades, specially developed to provide maximum long life and to minimize resharpening. Depending on the shear capacity, either high carbon, high chrome or high shock resisting blades are used for shearing a wide range of metals... such as aluminum, A36 plate, stainless etc... We used D2 blade, which offers additional hardness is available as model HSVR 2506 and higher models.

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Standard NC Controller
Standard Operating Panel

Standard NC Control with manual machine operating features

Cybelec � Cybtouch � 8 (optional)

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